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Cheap Glass Art Supplies

How to save money on art glass supplies? That seems to be the question any cash strapped artist has on their mind and here are a some ways to do it.

First you could cut down on the cost of your glass fusing supplies by getting together with your friends and ordering all of your materials at once. Ordering all your items and equipment at one time is advisable because some businesses offer bigger discounts when you spend more.

Another way to find cheap glass art supplies and cut back on your costs is to buy durring the summer. Why? The answer is that many glass shops close down for a few months during the summer because it's just plain to hot in the studios to blow glass. Thus to boost profits the glass supply companies offer sales during this period. Which is definitely a good thing for all of us who haven't made it rich yet selling our glass art! So where do you find these summer sales? If you were to take a peek at the catalogues on our bookshelf's you would find glass suppliers like -Bullseye Glass, Delphi, Spectrum Glass, Uroboros Glass Studios, Wasser Glass Co, C&R LOO Inc., MBCO, Jim Moore and many more. Checking these places out is a good start.

A third way to save money when buying glass tools and supplies is not to forget that the local hardware store can be your best friend. Granted glass specialty sites and stores do offer quite an array of useful products that you can't find anywhere else but the hardware store is great for finding and making your own tools. Just take a walk down their aisles and let your imagination go wild.

A foruth way to save: Buy it buy the pound! As you may already know Dichroic glass can be very pricy. So instead of buying a sheet of dichro buy a selection of pieces by the pound you will spend a lot less and get a better variety of color.

Below are some places that I looked up to find deals on glass supplies.(If your reading this after the Holidays I'm sure the deals have changed but they probably have been replaced with new ones)

The Bullseye glass co. website offers discounts depending on how much you spend. It ranges from 10% off at a hundred dollars all the way to 50% off at a thousand. Though make sure to check out there faq page for more information on volume discounts.

The coe90.com site states that they offer special discounts to there newsletter subcribers. They say that every tuesday they provide a coupon code in their newsletter for 10% off. So spending $100 on materials would save you 10 bucks. Not a bad deal.

Another place to save on art glass supplies is at Delphi. On the left hand side of the screen at the Delphi glass website one can find a drop down menu of sale specials.

At fusionheadquarters.com they are currently offering a free 4"x4" piece of Dichroic Glass with a $100 dollar or more purchase. Its available in 90coe or 96coe. Just enter the coupon code 96coe or 90coe at checkout. However, the offer expires on December 22, 2010.

Dichroicandmore.com offers free shipping to 48 states with orders of $80 or more. Right now they have a 20% off site wide holiday sale but if your reading this and it's summer I'm sure the deal has changed.

Glasscrafters.biz is offering free shipping with a minimum order of $60. Sorry Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico that doesn't apply to you. But they do give you 10% off on glass supply orders of $60 or more. Just enter the code MMFREE during checkout.

Currently at the glass mold company Slumpy's is saying that If you purchase any cermaic mold marked BOGO you will get a second BOGO mold of qual or lesser value free.This is only until Decmber 22, 2010.

So once again if your reading this after the holidays the above deals have probably already changed. But the thing to take away here is that if a place offers deals and discounts on fusing supplies in the winter then there going to offer them all year long. Especially during the summer!

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