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Kiln Firing Schedule

Need a kiln firing schedule? It's easy. Just choose what you want to do with your warm glass from a link below.

Deep Slumping - It’s slumping but lets you slump into the mold more deeply. Good for deep or intricate molds.

Fire Polishing - Heating glass to the point where the edges round off and you are left with a shiny appearance.

Flat Fuse - Another term for Full Fusing. Flat fusing is where you merge more than one glass layer. Like the name says, they become one flat piece.

Full Fusing - See Flat Fuse above.

Shallow Slumping - The opposite of deep slumping. The glass stretches less into the mold. Good time saver when you are using a shallower mold.

Slumping - Shaping glass by heating it until it softens enough to drop into a mold.

Tack Fusing - Heating glass pieces to the point where they begin to stick together. Each piece will still retain it's individual shape and character but they slightly merged.. Better than glue!!!.

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Kiln Firing Schedule Need a warm glass firing schedule?
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