The Bingo Game

The Bingo Game

Imagine there is no tomorrow. Imagine you are living in the primitive era – nothing! Back to the ice age, or pre-historic era, when hunting appeared only on the edges of human evolution, and your whole existence was based on the magic of guessing time and opportunity. Sounds familiar? Man has ever been intent on making sense of life – going back thousands of years to the pre-historic era, or further back still to the existence of our ancestors. That was great for so many of us then, but not for the man of today. He is blessed with mental flexibility and a burning enthusiasm to discover new things. He wants to find answers to all the many problems that confront him and others.

In our modern era, this passion has become afireside hobby – one that is growing more and more popular day by day. It is particularly popular in the United States, where there are all kinds of available sources for the asking, willing and making full use of any person’s spare time. There is television, the Internet, magazines, books, guidebooks, and even audio and video tours that tell you the story of how someone else found the answer to their problem.

The Internet is a wonderful source of information and a wonderful way to collect lightly used information for your personal use. What you can do, however, is to participate in the forums that are solely for the sake of playing or just keeping unfortunately busy a person’s free time. Talk to other members and get their reactions. See what kind of reactions you have and you may get to actually do something (somewhere) – have your card filled out at the local diaries, or have your address deliberately Pl addressed you as a result of your feedback.

One scientific study on the forum of the popular magazine ” Quinella”, showed that some individuals post their queries to the internet for other people to see and comment on. The result: some posts received more than 300 hits, and those that were left getting more than 750 hits. The implication is that those that post their queries/rants on the internet get far more hits than those that do not.

It is not controversial to say that the passion to play bingo is increasing across the United Kingdom. The Bingo industry does seem to be Breakthrough – endeavor in an industry that has had more and more participants with an increasing passion for playing the game. The game has had a sound element of luck and chance; an aspect of recreation that has become more accessible to all. The game has become mainstream, and indeed, even respectable. The way forward from here, is that the game must become more accessible, and affordable, for everyone.

The game must become more accessible, for TRUE bingo players/fans, not because a client or two makes a nice payment. The true bingo devotees are underspersoned and out there, in communities all over the world fighting to get your attention and your money.

270 million strong! That’s a fortune equal to 7.2% of the entire UK’s entire population! While this figure (Male to Female) is growing, we can’t deny that the majority of money is still earned by just a handful of people.



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